Vasudhaiva Kuṭumbakam – Yes, It’s a Genuine Hindu Principle

The universe is one family. It’s not Hindu revisionism, but a genuine Vedic principle.

Awful Audrey attacks again, publicly implying that the Hindu principle of “vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam” (world is one family) is merely Vishva Hindu Parishad propaganda.

She is just plain wrong
again, as usual.

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Casteism is Incompatible with Hinduism

The Supreme Lord of the universe dwells within every living being regardless of temporary, external attributes such as caste, race, and sex. Hence, the śāstras teach us that injuring any living being is equal to trying to injure Him.

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Dalits, Hinduism is Not Your Enemy

Blaming Hinduism for discrimination against Dalits is both incorrect and counter-productive.

Gajendra Mokṣa: The Lord drops everything to rescue His devotee who has surrendered unto Him, with no reservations based on the lowly animal birth Gajendra had taken.
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