Dalits, Hinduism is Not Your Enemy

Blaming Hinduism for discrimination against Dalits is both incorrect and counter-productive.

Gajendra Mokṣa: The Lord drops everything to rescue His devotee who has surrendered unto Him, with no reservations based on the lowly animal birth Gajendra had taken.
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Classical Hinduism and the #MeToo Movement – Why T.M. Krishna is Right, and Why He is also Wrong

T.M. Krishna’s admission of cowardly failure to support a sexual abuse victim explains his current and passionate support of the #MeToo movement. His support has lead him to blame “conservative” and “oppressive socio-cultural dogmas” for the prevalence of sexual abuse and apathy towards its prosecution, implying that Hindu culture is to blame. His comments reveal that he is oblivious to the fact that truly conservative Hindu ideals ensconced within mainstream Hindu literature are strongly averse to predatory sexual behavior. As such, he fails to appeal to our “Hinduness” as a strategy for dealing with predatory sexual behavior, thus missing an effective strategy for preventing and prosecuting sexual abuse. Therefore, we must lay blame for sexual abuse in India where blame is actually due – on the degeneration of conservative, Hindu values.

hanumAn visits sItA in ashoka-vana (1)
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